Theory  of  everything
The "theory of everything"
For physicists the base formula is the "formula of all formulas". Einstein, Heisenberg and many famous physicists have dreamed of this "equation for everything", in vain looking for it their whole lives. Modern science seeks for what holds together the world in the biggest and smallest parts. With the "theory of everything" it is possible to give a clear and unambiguous description of the observable phenomena in nature.
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A World novelty
The "theory of everything" -a development of the Max Planck approaches- elegantly combines different phenomena of the microcosm and macrocosm in a plausible explanation. His knowledge of how to use a brief formula as physical "equation of everything" to explain the entire universe, the author wants to share in his ebook.

Based on equations derived from fundamental physical constants of nature that play a central role in physics, the author demonstrate that it is possible to explain the entire universe with a brief physical formula as equation of everything.

This ebook is an English translation of the below work, which was published in Germany:
ISBN 978-3-8442-3885-3 "Die Weltformel" . The German version is available here.

This book makes every reader thoughtful, and the more you understand of physics, mathematics and philosophy, the more.
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The Secrets of the universe

In physics, there are some natural laws, but many scientific theories. There are also rather interpretations,
opinions and hypotheses on which these theories are based on.

If we leave aside the theories and the various opinions and interpretations as "man's work", then only the laws of
nature will remain. The empirically confirmed and universally valid laws of nature do explain the relationships and
interrelationships of physical phenomena. However, there is a problem: they contain partially natural constants
that only can be determined by measurement. While describing the processes of nature, one will encounter
physical constants, whose values can be measured, but so far no one knows what they are to be attributed to.

The secrets of the universe are thus hidden in the constants of nature. Consequently, many well-known physicists
had the desire to derive the number of fundamental constants from a single constant.

There are over a hundred fundamental constants, but only about two dozen of them are elementary, and the rest
can be derived from them. After the discovery of the base formula I have therefore derived the basic constants of
nature, because it is possible to explain the entire universe with them. The derived constants of nature have been
selected after careful consideration, and as we shall see later, even these fundamental constants of nature are
based on a single number, namely the elementary constant.

Einstein also was dissatisfied with the constants of nature, and he has described it as follows: "... I cannot
compellingly think of any reasonable and consistent theory that explicitly contains one number which could also
have been chosen as another number by the whim of the Creator, where the world qualitatively would have
been represented in a different way in its laws. "

For Einstein, the most elementary constants of nature such as the speed of light, gravitational constant and the
Planck quantum of action were not really fundamental, because their value still depends on "conventional" units.
Only if it could be succeed to create one quantity from several constants that is a pure numerical value without unit
of measurement, then a universal constant would exist according to Einstein's view. However the numerical value
of this universal, absolute constant should be determined by the logical basis of the physical theory.

The number square root of 10 in the base formula is the universal elementary constant, and we will gradually learn
their special characteristics in the following chapters.

The below listed nature constants and some important physical quantities have been derived with the base
formula. As we are going to see, all fundamental constants in physics can be attributed to a single number as the
elementary constant.

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The fascinating thing about the universe is its space with the immense micro- and macrocosm size. Not only in the
macrocosm between planets, solar systems and galaxies, but also in the microcosm in the atoms and its components
is the “empty space” is the decisive element. Therefore, one must first of all understand the “empty” space of which
it mainly consists in order to be able to understand the universe as a whole.

It is known that the “empty” space in fact is not empty but contains virtual particles, ominous dark matter and dark
· However, what are the empty space and thus the entire universe?
· What is energy, mass, charge? What do they consist of? 
· Why is the speed of light constant?
· Is it possible to derive the constants of nature?
· Does a "Theory of everything" exist?

Inter aila, we will have a look on these questions and solve some other mysteries of the universe. Thereby, new
questions and new mysteries will arise, but we will see that the universe, made up of space, time and energy is made
up in an unprecedented form.

The new world model is a theory which currently is in development, some of the results and the "base formula"
hereby is published. In this edition, I am handling the key aspects of the new model of the world. Based on equations
derived from fundamental physical constants of nature that play a central role in physics, I will demonstrate that it
is possible to explain the entire universe with a brief "base formula". With the aid of the base formula, we also will
experience how time works and how the three-dimensional space is created.

Many smart people have tried for a long time to derive all physical properties of the universe from a single formula.
However so far, all attempts have failed. It seems that the reason for this failure was the imperfection of the existing
theories. Viewing the universe from a different perspective and leaving the assigned paths of the previous theories,
we at least reach a world model with a base formula. With this book it is demonstrated how to explain the recent
recognitions in physics also from another perspective. Accordingly, modern physics is completed and enhanced. 

I have not searched for the base formula, I discovered it by chance, just like Archimedes who discovered buoyancy
force in the bathtub or Newton, who discovered the gravitational force under an apple tree. Afterwards, I made
some calculations with the base formula and have seen with a great astonishment, that the entire universe can be
explained with this formula.  

Also some problems with previous theories will be highlighted in this book:

·  Newton believed that it was gravity which holds together the universe. Even today many people believe in this
but no one is able to explain what actually causes gravity. Thanks to the Final formula we are able to solve the
mystery of gravity and based on the derived gravitational constant we will be able to learn how it works.

·  Einstein could not exactly explain space and time although his famous theories were based on it. He summarized
these as “Spacetime” and assumed that the space bended itself. With the final formula we now can reveal the great
secrets of space and time.

·  Planck discovered the quantum of action and accordingly laid the foundation for quantum physics. However, his
quantized quantities do include the gravitational constant and are therefore useless, as we shall see in the
appropriate section.

But, dealing with the universe, the more clearly one recognizes the outstanding achievements of the researchers at
that times of period. They do not lose at any way authority, on the contrary, only thanks to their intellectual
achievements; we are now able to continue their scientific heritage. However, every theory becomes outdated over
time through new knowledge, and accordingly, science develops more and more.

The individual chapters and sections in this book are based on each. We will first start with the smallest dimension
in the microcosm and, in the penultimate chapter will try to describe some structures in the macrocosm. Since
everything in the universe depends on one another, it is inevitable that one can understand much
better the new world model and the base formula, after reading the whole book. Because, much more
things will be more understandable in the overall context.

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Map of voids and superclusters within 500 million light years from Milky May
- Speed of light
- Planck constant
- reduced Planck constant
- Planck length
- Planck time
- Planck mass
- Planck charge
- Planck volume
- Planck mass in eV
- Compton wavelength of Planck mass
- Planck energy
- Gravitational constant
- Acceleration due to gravity
- Fine structure constant
- Von-Klitzing constant
- Atomic mass unit
- Avogadro constant
- Universal gas constant
- Boltzmann constant


- elementary charge
- electron mass
- classical electron radius
- surface of classical electron radius
- volume of classical electron radius
- magnetic moment of electron
- Compton wavelength of electron
- Coulomb force of electron
- electron spin g-factor
- gyromagnetic ratio of electron
- electron mass in eV

- proton mass
- proton's radius
- volume of proton
- surface of proton
- proton mass in eV
- magnetic moment of proton
- compton wavelength of proton
- coulomb force of proton
- proton spin g-factor

- neutron mass
- neutron's radius
- volume of neutron
- surface of neutron
- neutron mass in eV
- magnetic moment of neutron
- compton wavelength of neutron
- coulomb force of neutron
- neutron spin g-factor

Formula overview (Download)

With the base formula the following fundamental constants and significant physical parameters were derived.
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