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Theory  of  everything
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As many of us, I have also sometimes thought about "God and the World". I've been interested in science and philosophy since I was young and informed myself on the latest research.

I went for a long time a question to mind: What are the basic physical elements? And I have not thought of a universal formula, but I just imagined that in the fullness of physical elements there must be some that are more elementary than others. This is for example the fact for fundamental constants or in the units such as kilograms and meters, etc. The physical world is basically built one on another and is based ultimately on a few elements.

About 100 years ago after the discovery of the Planck constant, Max Planck has established the Planck units. He assumed that they represent the most basic units in the cosmos. Since that time, the Planck length is considered valid in physics, and the Planck time is considered an elementary boundary in the physical world.

Since Newton people do believe that the entire universe is hold together by the gravitational force. But for decades, we also know that the universe mostly consists of "empty" space and the visible matter makes up only about 5% of the universe. Therefore I did know since a very long time that with the gravity only the visible area, so you only 5% of the universe can be explained. But what else holds the universe together otherwise? The discussion about the dark matter and dark energy in the "empty" space is also made for decades, but so far without result.

More out of boredom than by design, in September 2012, I have looked in the Planck units in more detail. They contain the reduced Planck quantum, the speed of light and the gravitational constant. Planck has derived these from a simple dimension view.

At the Planck units, I noticed that the Planck mass is greater than e.g. the proton mass. So, in terms of a quantized, smallest possible mass there is a discrepancy at the Planck mass. I have calculated with Planck units, because the discrepancy with the Planck mass and the gravitational constant bothered me. I wanted to modify the Planck units and eliminate the gravitational constant from these fundamental units.

I've found by chance, that the product with hbar*c results in the root of 10. This has made me suspicious and aroused my curiosity. It can be no coincidence if the product of two fundamental constants of nature results in a specific, even number in the square root. What is behind this number, I asked myself, and within one week I had created the framework for a new world model in my free time.

Then I wanted to test my new "world model" and I knew long ago that the secret of the universe is hidden behind the fundamental constants. If the final formula is correct, then it should be possible to derive the constants of nature with it. I have chosen the fundamental constants of nature and tried to derive them with the final formula. In approximately 3 weeks, I then have deduced all the basic constants of nature with the final formula. Accordingly, the new world model and the derivations have costed me about one month of my spare time.

Now I had to share my discovery. There were two ways; to write the classic way with the writing of an academic article or to write a book. I decided for the second, the more difficult version. To only write a purely technical treatise only on the derivation of the constants of nature would not be adequately for this extraordinary topic.  It had to be possible to explain the entire universe with the main physical findings. The theory of a universal formula must also be interpreted in natural philosophical way. Finally, there is a "theory of everything", and who could interpret it better than the explorer himself.

Writing this book, probably, like most authors, I had the problem of formulating a complex subject understandable to a wide audience. Although I was aware that my book will be read by people who are interested in the topic and therefore have some prior knowledge. But when it was about the topic of "theory of everything", it is about formulas, thoughts and interpretations that are unique. However, presumably someone already formulated some aspects in a similar form, but the final formula itself is a novelty. To formulate my thoughts in a way understandable for others was more difficult for me than to solve the riddles of the universe. For that I have sacrificed about 2 months of my free time, and found myself focusing on the essential aspects. Unfortunately, I could not write down many of my thoughts, because they are not mature yet.

With much effort and without any support I finally released my book in December 2012. The revised and expanded edition, you can download with the PDF-book above.

I hope you enjoy it and you will understand that it is difficult to explain the entire universe between two covers of a book.

Please recommend this book. The final formula belongs to all humanity.

Enjoy the read.
Halit Eroglu