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Formula overview (April 2014):
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Astronomy article "An optical analysis of voids lens effects"
Table of Contents


1. Chapter
1.1. The Ether
1.2. The structure of the quantized space
1.3. The base Formula
1.4. The Secrets of the universe

2. Chapter
2.1. The quantized magnetism
2.2. The quantized charge
2.3. The quantized mass
2.4. The quantized energy
2.5. The modified Planck-Units
2.6. The units invariance of the base formula

3. Chapter
3.1. Derivation of the electron mass
3.2. Derivation of the proton mass
3.3. The classical electron radius
3.4. Derivation of the proton radius
3.5. Derivation of the fine structure constant
3.6. Derivation of the acceleration due to gravity
3.7. Derivation of the gravitational constant

4. Chapter
4.1. The derivation of the neutron mass
4.2. The derivation of the mass ratios
4.3. The derivation of the second
4.4. The derivation of the spin g-factors

5. Chapter
5.1. Derivation of the speed of light
5.2. The origin of time
5.3. The origin of spatial dimensions
5.4. The origin of p
5.5. The origin of the relativistic effect

6. Chapter
6.1. The Planck time
6.2. The universal validity of the base formula
6.3. The time factor in the natural constants

7. Chapter
7.1. The structure of the universe
7.2. The genesis of space
7.3. The expansion of the universe
7.4. The basic fundamental forces

8. Chapter
8.1. The limits of mathematics
8.2. The Metalogic

Appendix 1
Appendix 2 - Formula overview