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Derivation of the electron mass  

In the electron mass, we obtain the following connection with:
And by entering the quantized mass:


with the calculated value of

According to CODATA, the measured mass of the electron is: . The absolute deviation for CODATA value is .

In contrast to the proton mass, the mass of the electron consists from the ratio of the charge  and the quantized Planck  
mass . The electron is therefore not an independent particle with its own characteristics, but it is a part of the proton.  

The calculated electron mass is in compliance to the Units eV used in the atom physics:
According to CODATA the electron mass in eV is

Despite the electron mass with the unit kg we will analyze the relations of electron mass  with the units in eV in he  
following Chapters.

In my analysis, I have found the following relationships whereby the Planck length has been omitted for clarity.


(Planck mass times Electron mass in eV)
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