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Theory  of  everything
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The essence of the world, that is the relationship as a whole has, since ancient times, is the subject of the philosophy of
nature. Today, it is talked about a standstill in physics, how­ever, this actually is a standstill in natural philosophy. Natu­ral
philosophy cannot proceed, because modern, metaphysi­cal themes are missing, which can later lead to tangible physical

With this book I have tried to re-arrange some puzzle pieces from the physics and to develop a new world model based
on physical findings. This study should be a stimulus for further reflection and research by curious physicists and philoso­

I wish to conclude this book with some quotes from Einstein. His humorous expressed thoughts should always open our
eyes and our hearts and make us food for thought.

The more a culture realizes that it current worldview is a fiction, the higher its academic standards will be.

We believe that science serves humanity best when it is all free of influence by any dogma and reserves the right
to question all assumptions, including their own.

How terribly inadequate does a theoretical physicist face nature - and his students.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong at­tempt to acquire it.

Since the mathematicians have attacked the theory of rela­tivity, I myself do not understand them any longer.

It is more difficult to break down a prejudice than an atom.

There are neither great discoveries nor true progress, as long as there is an unhappy child in the world.

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