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The Metalogic

At some points in this book it has already been mentioned, that nature does not "calculate" and also does not work
according to our logic. However, the physical processes contain regularities, and they take place in a certain system.
From our observations we derive laws of nature and describe them with our number system and our mathematical laws
that are based on our human logic. These terrestrial physics is merely a crude image of the physical processes.

Even if nature does not calculate, it can be approximately described mathematically. For a better understanding, we
require a new mathematics and for the interpretation of the results, we also need a new philosophy.

I call this “metaphysics” but it is not about the traditional metaphysics. It also could be referred to as binary physics or
mathematics, but that will also not meet the topic.

At traditional metaphysics as a basic discipline of philosophy, the terrestrial physics is used as the basis. The new
metaphysics first needs a new "metalogic" on which "meta-mathematics" is based. Only then a new metaphysics can be
operated. Just as traditional physics cannot be performed without mathematics and logic, the new metaphysics cannot be
performed without proper foundations/ principles.

The prefix meta means "what comes next" and the concepts of metalogic, meta-mathematics, and metaphysics have
indeed defined meanings, which can lead to Misunderstandings, but by modifying these terms, facts can be better

The global formula gives us a first indication of the universal metalogic that resembles our human logic, but still exceeds it.
Our logic of this metalogic is similar, because the neural networks in our brain and also all physical phenomena observed
by us are the product of this universal metalogic.

As we noted in our previous analyzes, the physical phenomena are based on the universal timing cycles with the number
sequences of one and zero. As an analogy, this can be compared with computers. These devices work only with zeros
and ones, and they deliver us the results in a comprehensible form on the monitor. Nature also works only with ones and
zeros, and at our earthly physics we see the finished results on the monitor. The processes running in the inside remain
hidden from us. However, that does not mean that the universe works digital, but the meta-mathematics is based on a
different logic.

The metalogic is based on calculations with infinite number sequences. The principle of the infinity of the universe,
however provides finite ratios for quantizing. As we have seen in several calculations in this book, we get i.e. a finite
number as a result from infinite number sequences, as the following, which is also included in the Sommerfeld fine
structure constant.

To better understand the nature, therefore first of all a new metalogic, a meta-mathematics and also a new metaphysics
must be developed. Nature has almost a meta-language, and the more we learn its language and logic, the better we can
understand it.

The Global Formula opens a little the veil before our eyes. This veil is made of our human logic, because we are
accustomed to look at everything from our perspective. The global formula shows us a different logic, which we cannot
yet understand with the classical sense and our terrestrial physics.

However, we are not able to think about the metalogic which is necessary, but we need to derive it from nature.
Otherwise it would be just a product of our human imagination without reference to reality.

As Einstein said earlier: "If God created the world, his main concern surely was not to make it so that we can
understand it."
The Global formula gives us tips on how we can better understand the mystery of the universe and its creator.
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