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The basic fundamental forces

The basic fundamental forces, which hold together the universe in the Micro-and macrocosm are the following forces,
when they are listed according to their dimension sizes:

Except for the expansive force which will be explained below, this principle forces are subject to attraction and magnetism
and they all have a finite range. They ensure that the structures which we have discussed at the beginning of this chapter
are formed in the corresponding size scales.

The magnetism as a macroscopic phenomenon has been known for many thousands of years. In recent centuries, the
magnetism has been studied extensively as an electro dynamical phenomenon. However, it is a new approach to explain
the magnetic attraction as a fundamental basic force in the universe,  on which the new world model is based.

The universe is a complete electromagnetic, and the domain of magnetism is the smallest dimension. Their impact is
reflected in the higher dimensions in the form of the above listed other basic fundamental forces. The fundamental forces
build on each other and in the appropriate size scales ensure the formation of the known structures.

As we saw in the chapter about the origination of space, the expansion of the universe in the space bubbles cannot be
explained by gravity. Since the discovery of gravitation, it is assumed, however, that it holds together the entire universe.
According to the new world model, it is the force of attraction in the space balls that holds the universe together as a
whole and produces the physical world with its interactions.

For the explanation of the expansion in the space bubbles and thus the expansion of the entire universe, we need a new
fundamental force.  It forms the galaxy clusters, compresses it, and finally brings out the filaments as the largest structures
in the universe. The origin of this new fundamental force is the emergence of space in the huge space bubble.
Unimaginably large expansion forces also arise through the emergence of new space in the smallest dimension, which have
an impact over huge distances and squeeze giant structures such as galaxies and clusters of galaxies to form the filaments.

During the origination of space a volume expansion takes place in the smallest dimension. The summation over all the size
dimensions ultimately causes this tremendous expansion force. Analogue to the other fundamental forces, this unknown
new force can also be described as the interaction of space volume.

The constants are known for the other fundamental forces.
The fourth basic force, the expansion force, is a volume expansion and the interaction coefficient contains the expansion
constant with the Planck volume:


This constant  for the expansion force has the enormous value of , and in conjunction with the huge volume of space
bubbles we do obtain the extremely large expansion force that causes the motion of galaxies and the formation of the
filaments. With future astronomical investigations the new fundamental force and its constant can be determined.

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