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The genesis of space

The space as a stage of the physical world contains the primal force in the form of magnetism in the space balls. All  
physical processes are caused by the interaction of magnetism. But each process ends at some point, even if it would take  
very long. Therefore each particle as a collection of smaller particles also has a certain decay time. Because all particles  
over time can break down into its component parts with even smaller particles, which then decay again after some time  
itself, until finally only radiation is left over; there in a permanent feed in the universe, which produces new quantized  

New and permanent space in the form of space balls, which cause the expansion of the universe therefore are formed at  
the Planck level. Because of the immensity of the universe, the distribution in space and thus the density of space  
development is very small. Even if it takes place constantly, the new space is distributed on a very large area and this  
distribution takes place by chance. The random in the smallest dimension, which makes the predictability in dynamic  
systems impossible is also formed with the random creation of space. Without this principle of random, the universe  
would be constructed deterministically just like a mechanical clock and future events would almost certainly be  

The cosmic censorship makes itself felt in the smallest planes by random spatial development. And the structure of the  
universe according to the onion skin model, in which each event in the lower plane has an impact on the next plane,  
produces the world's complexity. In our macroscopic dimension we can only observe accumulation of objects and  
explore laws that have their origin in the smallest dimensions.

New space in the form of space balls can only occur between the existing balls. Through the space development, the  
surrounding space balls are pushed to the side and it will be formed a pulse as a power blast that forwards the space balls  
in the form of spherical waves. This impulse consists of the smallest electromagnetic radiation, and thus the known  
reduced Planck constant is formed.

Through the emergence of space, magnetism balance between the space balls is disturbed. In the vicinity of the newly  
created space balls therefore a tension is created because the existing inelastic space balls move and resist against it.  
Without external influences; this local voltage- as a kind of compressed spring-  is kept for a long time. If it is disturbed by  
a pulse, then this tension are discharged and there is thus an even larger pulse, which in turn moves a spherical wave of the  
space balls.

The smallest dimension at the Planck plane can be imagined as a place with permanent radiation and particle collisions. If  
we could look into this dimension, it would be very bright there because of the radiation. The processes involved here, are  
similar to the processes inside stars, but with very small amounts of energy and particle density. What takes place in the  
plasma of the star with tremendous energy and large number of particles, also takes place in similar form in the space  
creation. But because of the immense size of the universe, their share by summing up over multiple length scales is very  
large, and accordingly, this radiation can be explained as "dark energy".

The smallest electromagnetic waves show their features with overlapping and extinguishing already in the smallest  
dimension. At some points much pulsed power is accumulated by the superimposition which cannot transmit the space  
balls and this will lead to destruction of space in the form of mini-black holes.

In some places, the superposition of the electromagnetic waves causes standing waves and circular motions of the space  
balls. Through this circular movement, charge is being transported, and thereby the mass is created. It thus is created the  
first quantized mini particles. However, these elementary particles are not as stable as their macroscopic relatives, and  
they also decompose more easily at the smallest disturbance by electromagnetic waves coming from all directions.

The smallest dimension is a place in which, a large surfaced and permanent space is formed and there are formed mini  
particles and annihilated again. New and larger particles are created with this radiation or other particles are destroyed.

This perpetual cycle of creation and annihilation does not only take place in the microcosm, but it is a universal principle to  
any size dimension. This universal circuit can be explained as follows:

Space-emergence => pulse energy is produced
Pulse transport = > charges are produced
Charge transport => particles are produced
Attraction of particles  => atoms are produced
Attraction of atoms => Stars are produced
Attraction in the stars => Black Holes
Space-destruction <= Black Holes

The locations of space development can be defined as white holes and black holes as places of space destruction. In the  
black holes the space, and so all it includes, is removed (energy, time) from our three dimensional world. By the  
disappearance of the space, state changes in the physical world will no longer be possible. The singularity thus describes  
the transition as the gateway between the physical and the transcendent world.

All matter in the cosmos and the macroscopic structures, such as stars and galaxies are an accumulation of pulse energy in  
its particles, which are formed in the smallest dimension of space development. Pulse energy caused by space emergence  
accumulates in the smallest structures, thereby forming particles with mass and charge. This pulse accumulates on several  
dimension planes  and together with the magnetism in the space balls forms different particles of different sizes and shapes,  
finally, the whole universe.

Without permanent new space creation, and thus without expansion of the universe, the dynamic in the universe would  
become extinct after some time and the existing Impulse energy would have disappeared since a long time in the universe  
in the mini-black-holes or in their larger relatives in the center of galaxies.

Without new space creation, the universe would only consist of resting space balls that do not have any interaction. The  
whole dynamic of the universe has its origin in the pulse energy, which is released in the space development.
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