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The modified Planck-Units

After the discovery of the quantum of action and based on this smallest action element, the famous physicist Max Planck  
has tried to derive quantized magnitudes. All physical quantities should be derived with the so-called Planck units.  
However, these Planck units were not applied until today and they were almost forgotten. In fact, in terms of quantized  
values Planck was on the right track. However, research in the field of quantum physics only broke through a century ago  
its groundbreaking discovery.

The presented new world model is based on Max Planck's approaches to the quantized values. However, we cannot use  
the original Planck units, because they are based on gravitation as "primal force". Since Newton, gravity is regarded as a  
universal force that holds together the entire universe. As we will see later in the related Chapter, this is only half the story.  
As with the other fundamental forces also Gravitation is only a modification of magnetism as a primal force, and it shows  
its effect in larger dimensions and only from a certain particle density.

The gravity only shows its effects in the presence of particles, but the universe mainly consists of "empty" space and  
particles only create "side effects" of the many dynamic processes in the smallest scales in space. Therefore it is not  
possible to explain the entire universe with gravity, which describes the interaction of particles with each other. In the next  
chapters we will discuss this topic in more detail.

At the end of this chapter the previously discussed quantized variables with the corresponding formulas are listed. In  
honor of Max Planck I have named these as modified Planck units. The remaining physical units can be derived with these  
quantized sizes as base units. The quantized time has a special shape, and we therefore will discuss these in the 4th  
chapter after we have analyzed the nature of time.




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