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The origin of spatial dimensions

We live in a three dimensional world, and also the space balls on which our physical world are based on, are three-
dimensional. But how does the three-dimensionality of space occur?

In the previous Chapters we have discussed the interactions between space balls and have derived various correlations.
To analyze the structure of time and the three-dimensionality of space, now let's look more closely at the space balls.

Geometrically, a point has only one dimension. Several adjacent points at one level provide a surface with two
dimensions. Several areas stacked finally create a three dimensional space. The geometric dimensionality is thus based on
the addition of points in space.

According to the equation (4-6), the three dimensions of the quantized space are created from the last Chapter by the
following relation:

with the factor , i.e. from the square of our familiar three dimensions.

We describe the three-dimensional space in a general coordinate system with three spatial axes. But with the emergence
of the three dimensions by the space balls, from the center there are formed squared spatial axes. In the picture below
left, they are shown with dashed and solid lines. Apparently, negative numbers and zero, on which our three-dimensional
coordinate system is based, does not exist in nature.

The origin of time is associated with the formation of the three-dimensionality of the space. The energy in the space balls is
spread spherical in the room at its formation with the dimension factor of  (picture above right).

This process does not occur suddenly, but after a certain predetermined quantized unit of 1.11. The universal timing cycle
with 1.001001001 ... describes how the energy during the formation of dimension in units of 1.11 is distributed in the
three-dimensional space balls.

The product of 1.11 x 1.00100100100 ... = 1.11111 ... results in an infinite magical, transcendent number, which
represents the infinity of time and energy.

The factor 1.11 ensures the distribution of infinite energy 1.1111 .. in the space balls according to the same portions, and
it accordingly creates the universal timing cycle. This factor of 1.11 is a universal space-time-quantum and has an
absolute magnitude as the fundamental importance. The other fundamental constants of nature, like the speed of light or
Planck's quantum of action are merely the products of this space-time-quantum.

Outside the space balls it is possible to explain the physical world with the basic elements of the speed of light, Planck’s
quantum of action and the energy in the room balls. But as we have seen now, these basic elements arise from the
universal timing cycle in the formation of dimension to the space time quantum 1.11 in accordance universal formula
(without ):

The origin of everything in the universe, and thus the space and the time is connected to the three-dimensionality of space.
The summation of quantum events, and the quantized timing cycle over several size scales finally brings forth our physical,
three-dimensional world.

In the universe there are only three observable space dimensions. The black holes are proof for this. Three-dimensional
space is in fact destroyed by them and converted into its original shape. Without these black holes it would be otherwise
possible to assume that our three- dimensional world transfers on greater length scales in additional spatial dimensions.

With the speed of light, we are able to explain the universe very well, because, in addition to the space as length unit it
also contains the universal timing cycle as a dynamic component. The speed of light contains indeed the universal timing
scale in a certain form, as we have seen it in the derivation of the speed of light.

The grand unified theory is based on the universal timing cycle, which is included in the speed of light. With the global-
formula  we have derived the fundamental quantized elements with which the universe is structured, and they all contain
the speed of light as a time factor. The speed of light is the ubiquitous parameter in the equations, and therefore we can
describe the overall dynamics of the universe with it (without Planck length):

Quantized energy:  

Quantized charge:  

Quantized Mass:    

The attraction in the space balls follows like any other power, the universal timing cycle. The  and c are not the cause of
the attraction force in the space balls, but they are formed in the dimension formation with the universal space-time-

It exceeds our imagination to try to explain the contents of the space balls. They are made of energy, but what does this
energy look like?

The space balls are not like solids, such as Metal balls, nor do they consist of some fields. The energy is neither solid nor
liquid, most likely it is similar to a gas cloud. Gases consist of tiny atoms and the energy cloud in the space balls consists
of one element that exceeds our imagination. The contents of the space balls, so the energy in its original form will keep us
busy for a long time.

Even the space with its three dimensions as a medium in which there is the primordial energy exceeds our imagination and
with our analogies and logic we can only explain it approximately. But we know that the space and energy are present,
just as we know that we do exist. Being/ Existing is no illusion, but when we try to describe it, we make our human
imagination illusions

To understand the reality and to approach the absolute truth has always been a desire for knowledge of mankind. As long
as we are aware of our limited mental capacities, we can avoid fatal illusions and develop ourselves culturally.

We have called the energy in the space balls as an elementary force, which shows itself in the form of attraction. The
consequences and the relationships of the attraction force have been explained in the previous Chapters. But it is not
possible to physically or philosophically explain; why this attraction exists and shapes our physical world.
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