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The quantized magnetism

Magnetism is usually a hidden power. According to the new world model, it forms the elemental force in the universe, and
therefore the entire universe is built up electromagnetically.

The magnetic monopoles in the space balls form the origin of electromagnetism. Thus, the electrodynamics observed by
us has its origin in the quantized magnetism. Magnetism is therefore not a side-effect of electrodynamics, but it produces
the electromagnetic interactions. Magnetic fields are not generated by the time-varying electric fields out of nothing.  The
effects of the elemental magnetism become apparent from the charge transport.

The cause of electrodynamics is the magnetism, and it brings out the charges as an effect. Until today, this fact has been
interpreted in reverse order. Although physics calculations do not change by this order, we are able to better understand
the universe from a different perspective and thus gain many new insights.

So far, no magnetic monopoles have been observed. As gravitation in the space balls, the magnetic monopoles show no
physical events without external influence which one could be observed.  Physical events emerge from the interactions of
dipoles which are formed by external influences. Therefore, it is not possible to directly observe magnetic monopoles.
According to the following illustrations we see how the polarity from magnetic monopoles is produced in the space balls.


When the ball rotates in the center, it brings the neighboring balls to rotate as well with its gravitation force. The ball in the
center, shown in the figure is able to rotate in any direction in the three dimensional space and the directions of rotation of
the adjacent balls are dependent on this due to the prevailing gravity.

In the figure, the ball rotates in the center to the right, and therefore, all the balls also rotate to the right. If the direction of
rotation is defined as polarity, then the rotation to the right side corresponds e.g. to the positive polarity. This globular
cluster in the figure can only interact with other globular clusters with the same polarity, and with opposite polarity they
would push each other away.

In the classical description of the polarity, it is assumed the attraction of opposite polarities. To date, however, the
question remains, why there is different polarity in nature and what the mutual attraction can be attributed to. Without
knowing the cause of the polarity, this classical approach leads to an incorrect interpretation. Many physical phenomena
are interpreted without knowledge of their underlying principles. But nature does not depend on our human logic and our

With increasing distance from the center, the rotation energy of the globular clusters decreases. The different polarity
becomes interesting at the intersection between two globular clusters, as can be seen in the figure below.

Two globular clusters with different polarity.

At the intersection points there is interaction with the attractive force between the balls on the one hand and on the other
hand, repulsion is seen due to different polarity.

At the intersection, the black ball rotates alternately to the right and the left, and since it can not forward the force
vertically, the energy is transferred perpendicular. This results in a quantized radiation which propagates perpendicular in
waves (left in the figure above).
The macroscopic magnetism is the consequence of different polarities of the sub-atomic particles. In addition to the
magnetic polarity, there is also a polarity of charge. The relationship between magnetism and charge will be discussed in
the following chapter.

The quantized magnetism in space balls has the value of, and with this elemental power other quantized sizes can be
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