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The quantized mass  

According to the famous formula , the mass is equivalent to energy. And according to the new world model with the  
global formula is also a form of energy. If we equate these two equations and use the Planck mass as rest mass, we  


Obtained by reshaping the Planck mass :


The Planck's rest mass has the value

The Planck's rest mass is thus the ratio between the smallest effect and the speed of light in the time factor. We will  
discuss this time factor later.

Using  in the above equation, we obtain additionally:

However, there are still the following relationships:




The relationship with the quantized charge  and  is:

And then we obtain for the Planck mass the following:


The Planck mass in eV () corresponds to  

Transforming the units from kilogram to energy eV, the following factor is used (left site):

And this is equivalent with the following relation to Einstein’s Formula:


The relationship between the mass and the charge is of great importance for the structure of the universe. Many  
microscopic and macroscopic physical processes are founded upon the interaction of charge and mass.

One can imagine the quantized mass as follows: In case of failure of the magnetic attraction force by external factors the  
space balls rotate and they thereby use a force in order to move the adjacent space balls. We have described this power  
transmission in the previous section as “charge”. The resistance of the space balls as a counter force to this movement is  
the force of inertia, and thus it is the mass of the space balls. The resistance of a body in relation to a change in its  
rotational movement is generally referred to as the moment of inertia, and the mass of a rotating body is exactly the same  
moment of inertia.

The magnetic component of the kinetic energy is transmitted by charges and the inertia force is exerted against it with  
mass. All space balls are interconnected through magnetic attraction and a change in their state by rotation calls forth  
certain resistance, which appears in the form of mass.

Thus, each particle with mass also contains a charge and vice versa. Mass and charge can only exist together, and they  
form the basic properties of all particles. The impulse force that causes the disturbance of magnetism between the space  
balls and causes charges, also produces mass as a counter force.
Mass and charge are the two sides of the same medal just as the speed of light and Planck's constant of action is  
interdependent and which represent two sides of the same medal. The reasons of physical processes are h and c, and  
thereby, the charge and mass is produced as an effect. The magnetism in the space balls generates charge through  
rotating, which in turn generates a force of inertia mass. This process takes place with the speed of light as time factor and  
the smallest effect h.
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