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The structure of the quantized space

As with any scientific model, also with the new world model we try to describe the reality with basic elements. In the  
presented world model, the universe consists of simple components. However, this should not obscure the complexity of  
reality. An analog clock also consists of simple components, such as of gears, screws, etc. Only the interaction of these  
basic components according to a specific system brings the clock running. In the universe it is the interactions of the  
individual components that make the "clockwork" universe running.

In the new world model, the complete space in the universe- so the vacuum in its smallest dimension consists of unified,  
densely interconnected spheres with a strictly periodic structure which I have referred to as "Space Balls" in this book.

Figure: Vacuum filled with space balls

The sphere as a geometric body generally has special properties and for the given volume has the smallest surface area of  
all possible body. This property is very important in the quantization of the space. Therefore, the new world model is  
based on these quantized space balls and not on other geometric shapes such as cubes or pyramids.

In three-dimensional space, each space ball is directly connected to 10 adjacent spheres. For uniform structure with the  
same diameter and the same gravitation between the space balls, there is an interaction with the factor 10 between the  
space ball in the center and its adjacent spheres.  

Figure: Interaction between the space balls  

The space balls are magnetic monopoles, and they pull each other. All physical phenomena are the consequences of this  
primal magnetism in the space balls. As we are going to see, the charge, mass, and thus the basic components of matter,  
atoms, stars, etc. arise from interactions between these space balls.

For the present, this principle can describe as follows:

Magnetism > Charge > Mass > Particles > Atoms > Stars

I.e. the magnetism causes charges, and these generate mass, which then form particles that accumulate in atoms and thus  
produce all macroscopic bodies and celestial objects in the universe.
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