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The structure of the universe

The universe mainly consists of "empty space". The "empty" space is the decisive element between planets, solar systems,  
galaxies and even in the microcosm, in the atoms and its components.

In this "empty" space, structures such as particles, atoms, stars, galaxies are only formed in certain length scales. Its  
special feature is its size, because they only do appear in certain size dimensions. In any spatial dimension, there are  
special laws that build on these structures.

However, these known structures only occupy very little space in the vastness of the universe. The micro-and macro-
cosmos therefore mainly consists of "empty" space with no visible structures. But as we have seen with the new world  
model, these observable structures are only clusters of smaller elements, which are formed in the for us invisible  
microscopic dimensions.

In the macrocosm, it is clear that the galaxies exist of stars and planets, and that clusters of galaxies are a collection of  
many galaxies in turn. But even in the microcosm, all the particles only consist of accumulations of even smaller elements  
to the space balls in size from the Planck length. So far, the research only reaches the subatomic particles in the  
microcosm. However, these elements are huge collections of even smaller quantized particles, too.
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